The Technical Team is well equipped to handle all issues. We are confident with our service levels and customer Satisfaction. We guarantee that if we do not fix your problem we will refund your money immediately.



kanpur Tech has set up many networks for all types of organisation – be it wireless or ethernet. Need a public wifi network that is segregated from you office network – we can help you with that? Does your office have wireless dead zones, where no device can get a wireless signal? kanpur Tech can help to identify weak spots and often we can re-configure your existing infrastructure to resolve these glitches.


Companies often have a requirement to show they can comply with business continuity criteria. As far as IT is concerned this relates to being able to continue business operation despite data failure. In our experience, data backup can often be taken for granted until there is a crisis and the realisation that the backup strategy in place isn't good enough.


COLLABORATIVEmail products, such as Office 365 or Google Apps for Business, allow users synchronise their mail, contacts and calendaring across multiple devices and platforms. For example a user could add an appointment on their iPhone and see it appear in Outlook on their PC in the office.


kanpur Tech has experience in setting up, transferring and supporting organisations running Office 365 and Google Apps. In our experience there are real key differences in how both products work and it does make sense to identify which is the best fit for your business. We can help you with moving to Dropbox, Google Drive and most other cloud base storage solutions. We can also manage the transfer of your key data from one provider to another if required.


Internet security becomes more and more crucial as we run more of our business and financial transactions through our computer systems. kanpur Tech can clearly identify the weak points in a organisation's security strategy – be it weak passwords or an antivirus product with out-of-date security definitions. We can help you create a robust security plan and implement it ensuring that you are operating as safely as possible on-line.


kanpur Tech has over 15 years experience supporting MS Windows operating systems. We support users with laptops or desktops who WORK FROM HOME as well as networks of users up to 25 people. We can support you with start-up issues, diagnosing server faults and advise on upgrades. If you have a specific problem, or just need advice on what to do next, please contact us for a free consultation.


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